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Welcome to ~Avias Seay Music~. Yes music craver's theres a new artist out with a new kind of tune, MuSiC aWaY fRoM uR oRdInArY, see why the crowds are going crazy about this new rap/hiphop/christian music artist "Avias Seay"!!! Avias Seay was born and raised in Lakeland,Fl or "L-Town da (863)" as he would recall it! He graduated from Lakeland Senior High School & was always into art. When he was younger he would create his own beats and write music with his brother Phillip. Even though Avias eventually let up on music Phillip Mount didn't and continued to compete with other local artist as he formed a Band by the name of "Dem Boyz". "Dem Boyz" was a hit for a short lived fame then Phillip was eventually incarcerated. Meanwhile Avias was in Daytona Beach with his cousin and decided oneday to start back making music this was in late August 2009. The first lyrics that was written was "Hater Nation" a short rap song Avias used to described for people that he knew was gonna not like him no matter how good he was. He then moved back to Lakeland and started writing christian and regular hiphop/rap! His music is very extravagant indeed as he writes all his on lyrics, produce all his recordings, & publish them as well! A.V.S productionz website was then lauched to help mc's and other computer not friendly peeps! Every track he creates is always different and had profound rhythm and sound! myspace.com/aviasseay Thanks For Visiting FREE DOWNLOADS AT PUREVOLUME.COM search Avias Seay!
~AvIas SeAy MuSiC~